Anker7 Wall Mounted Functional Trainer

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The Anker 7 is wall-mounted Functional Trainer with a 1:2 weight ratio and 225lb weight stack. The Anker 7 includes dual adjustable swivel pulleys that have a 43.5in (3.6 ft) width between pulleys and a 103in (8.5 ft) cable travel for each handle. The Anker 7 also boasts a wide stance, with only 9 inches of clearance from a wall, and stainless-steel uprights with laser engraved numbering. It comes with two short strap handles, two long strap handles, one leg boot, a battle rope anchor strap and hanging storage hooks to organize accessories. Use the bottom frame battle rope anchor point with nylon strap and top frame resistance band anchor point for more training options. Get unbeatable, space-saving cable training and even more versatility with the Anker 7!

Included Accessories:

  • Hanging storage pegs and leg boot
  • Two rubber over-molded T-Grip short strap handles
  • Two long strap handles
  • Welded lower anchor point with nylon strap for battle ropes